North Liberty WWTP & Tamarack LS Reno

Owner: Town of North Liberty, IN

Engineer: DLZ

Date Completed: November 23, 2016

Contract Amount: $2,737,189.37


Job description: The project will consist of the: installation of one (1) grit removal facility and appurtenances; installation of a new flow split structure and associated piping; replacement of the equipment for two (2) clarifiers; installation of a new UV disinfection facility; installation of a packages scum pumping station; installation of a new sludge loading pump; installation of a geotextile bag dewatering system; valve modifications; construction of a new grit and screen building; and construction of a new storage building at the WWTP. The project also consists of the construction of a new duplex submersible pump station to replace the existing Tamarack Knolls Lift Station.