At Ottenweller Contracting, it is our mission to be the recommended partner for cities, townships, counties for all of their contracting needs. We invest in our customers by providing peace-of-mind during the entire process, from bid to build. We will always be honest and forthright as we continually grow across the midwest.



Safety, Relationship, Consistency, Teamwork and Trust. On-Time and On-Budget. Building is our passion, but honesty is our foundation.


Why Ottenweller Contracting?


We have decades of experience at Ottenweller, making us the preferred partner to many cities and municipalities across the midwest. Our core values have supported us in our goal of providing a quality customer experience from beginning to completion.


Our model of safety is summed up in one word: Structure. We build structure into our processes, in our people, and in our projects. Our teams can rest at night, knowing that tomorrow’s structure will allow consistent awareness and prevention of even the smallest safety concern.  

The Ottenweller structure has allowed us to have an incredible safety reputation established with each of our customers. We deliver high quality craftsmanship on all of our projects - and we do it safely. Our structure allows a commitment to safety, and a carefully monitored job site at all times.


We take care of the big things, the little things, and everything in between. When you hire us, we not only deliver but we take care of you during the process. Whether a long-term vision or a critical emergency, we can meet your timeline while still maintaining safety and quality.


Together we work as a team to make sure nothing is missed along the way. Your project becomes our project from beginning to end. We recognize that our long-term vision has allowed the development of a  solid team to serve our customers, and satisfaction for years to come.


We deliver our projects on time and on budget. We work hard during the planning process to make sure everything is reviewed properly so that we can get to work for you. By maintaining honest communication and honesty with budget projections, Ottenweller has established a reputation as the premier, budget-friendly contractor in Northeast Indiana and the Midwest.


Conveyance Sewer & Riverwalk


Water Treatment Plant Improvement


Interceptor Erosion Mitigation


Pedestrian Bridge Replacement




Company History

In 2004, Ottenweller Contracting began to fill a need for quality water treatment plant services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As we have grown, our headquarters has been maintained in Fort Wayne, even as we have expanded to offer our services in other cities across the midwest. Our loyal customers have requested many of our now expansive capabilities. We pride ourselves on finding solutions for lift stations, dewatering, excavation, structural steel mechanics, bridges, dams, and bank stabilizations. Now with a second location in Indianapolis, Ottenweller is well poised to accept each new opportunity that is entrusted to our team.  


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