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Glen Miller Lake

Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

Owner: City of Richmond Parks & Recreation

Location: Richmond, IN

Engineer: Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects

Status: Completed

Contract Amount: $80,200

Description: Glen Miller Lake Park has a rich history and reputation. Established in the 1885, it is one of the oldest parks in our great home state of Indiana. Ottenweller was honored to take part in the renovation of a historical icon - The Glen Miller Lake Bridge. Our custom steel fabrication included both structural and decorative components. We replaced the existing bridge completely, and were also able to restore the abutments, site grading, and concrete walkways. Because of the historic significance of this new bridge, our team created a rare wooden deck using Pennsylvania Wild Oak, and incredible and unique wood requiring no treatment because of its long-lasting properties. This park is beautiful...and we’re excited to have had a part in its history.

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