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Process Equipment

We have completed many projects on a variety of different Process Equipment applications in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas. 

            We have completed many of these projects across the Midwest in a wide variety of scenarios. We make sure that sewage gets handled properly, and our lift station expertise is a key component!    

Ottenweller Contracting offers project management to guide projects from inception to completion. From material handling and fabrication to production line equipment installation, we can efficiently complete your installation and offer startup services that meet your needs. 

We can service, build, and install your mechanical Process Equipment to handle air, gas, liquid, and dry bulk solids. Our safety structure demands quality control documentation, as well as assurance that the regulatory requirements for your project will be upheld at the highest standards. With years of experience in civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical trades, Ottenweller Contracting is a leader in Process Equipment installations in the Midwest.  

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