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Highland Creek Stormwater Diversion

Owner: City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Engineer: Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates

Status: Completed

Contract Amount: $2,728,837.20


Description: As Indianapolis continued to grow, an issue of flooding became pronounced in Frog Hollow, a small Indianapolis neighborhood with about 150 homes. Even with as little as one inch of rain, many homes would flood. The solution to this issue was not an easy one: multiple streams, complex back flow issues, and lowland issues posed a significant challenge. Lochmueller was awarded the task of cost-effectively diverting over 75% of the stormwater away from Frog Hollow, reducing (dare we say ‘eliminating’) the flooding and protecting the homes. Ottenweller Contracting’s role in this project was redirected storm water from Highland Creek to the White River. We did this using a combination of box culvers, storm sewer pipe and diversion structures to provide relief from flooding, as well as creating a beautiful green area to enhance the neighborhood.

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