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Town of Cromwell Wastewater

Treatment Plant

Owner: The Town of Cromwell

Location: Cromwell, IN


Status: Completed

Contract Amount: $1,785,282.92


Description: Ottenweller Contracting was awarded this contract, which included improvements to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant facility and improvements to and replacement of existing Collection System Pump Stations. The improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant included headworks improvements consisting of new bar screen, structural lining to headworks structure, and replacement of pumps at the Headworks pump station; replacement of Oxidation Ditch baffles, construction of new Equalization Basin including piping and equipment, improvements to the Secondary Clarifiers, replacement of UV Disinfection equipment, and replacement of the Aerobic Digester. The improvements to the Collection System Pump Stations included replacement of equipment, pumps, valves, piping, electrical, and controls, structure lining, emergency provisions, complete pump station replacement, force main installation, and all appurtenant work including site restoration.

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